Dr Daniel Lepkowski (IC Design Engineer)

What does nsc do?

July 31, 2023
2 min

What does nsc do?

nsc circuits integrate the best of silicon CMOS (traditionally used for computing) and GaN (used for lighting and wireless communication), making possible new innovations in product, system and software design. By leveraging existing CMOS devices and mature back-end-of-line processes, we deliver novel chips at commercial scale.

Our proprietary monolithic integration of GaN and CMOS wafers is the first to effectively integrated silicon CMOS with other compound semiconductors at wafer scale with a high degree of manufacturability.

It does this by (1) maintaining compatibility with existing silicon fabrication process and equipment, which helps avoid cost and yield issues that come from advanced packaging solutions, and (2) building on the learnings of the semiconductor industry over the last 50+ years. This approach enables rapid scalability and adoption of currently underutilized compound semiconductor devices and access to novel semiconductor solutions.

The result is chips that are suited for multiple high growth applications including AR/VR displays, smart lighting and wireless communication systems.

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