Dr. Siau Ben Chiah (Design Kit Manager)

How does nsc’s integrated design approach lead to novel chips?

August 14, 2023
2 min

How does nsc’s integrated design approach lead to novel chips?  

The process development kit (PDK) serves as a crucial bridge between the design of an integrated circuit and semiconductor foundries for chip fabrication. nsc offers unique and comprehensive solutions to support large-scale circuit simulation, design and layout verification through its integrated CMOS + GaN PDK (iPDK). This iPDK enables the design and fabrication of circuits on nsc’s proprietary integrated CMOS + GaN wafer technology.

The iPDK libraries are tailored to nsc’s CMOS + GaN offerings, making them ideal for unique applications that go beyond the offerings of conventional CMOS or GaN foundries.

To achieve a robust and reliable bridge between integrated circuit design and fabrication, the process development and IC design teams at nsc have worked closely together, fine-tuning every aspect with meticulous attention to detail, thereby enabling a new age of integrated circuit design.

This ensures that the challenges of III-V/Si integrated circuit design and fabrication are overcome, ushering a new paradigm of chip-based solutions for displays, lighting and wireless systems.

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